Sunday, October 21, 2012

Action Plan for an Adolescent ELL

During our recent parent-teacher conferences, I was able to meet about half of the parents of our Hidden Valley Middle School students. This experience was valuable because it made me think about the disparity between many of the immigrant parents' experience during adolescents and their child's experience. This disparity can cause a cultural gap between parents and their children. In an effort to bridge this gap I would like to survey my students and find out where their parents are from. In an effort to make this project equitable I would survey all my students. Once I had a list of locations I would spend some class time on the geography of their parents' origins, whether it is state in our nation or a state in another nation. This project would contain a combination of guided and independent practices. It would serve to strengthen ownership over their learning and strengthen research skills.
Geography is included in the California 7th grade World History standard, so this lesson would integrate seamlessly into my curriculum.

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