Saturday, September 22, 2012

SDAIE Strategy

The verbal scaffolding techniques listed under SIOP feature 14 can be adapted for any course topic. For the assignment this week I have adapted the verbal scaffold technique of  "think-alouds" to preview a section of the Government textbook which I will assign the students to read and take notes for homework. The following will be my brief lecture:
"Everyone open your books and turn to page 84. What is the title of this section? So what will this chapter be about? Before you read anything it is important to get an idea of what you will be reading about. What is the first heading? Notice how the main heading has a different color than the subheading. This is your clue that the paragraph below will specifically about the First Amendment. This is the book organizing the big ideas for you. Now skim the rest of the section and make note of the blue and red headings. Make note of how long the section is. Will this be a lot of note taking for you? Finally, think about what you already know about the Amendments. Making a connection between what you are about to read and what you already know helps your brain hold on to the information you read."

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