Friday, September 21, 2012

Literacy Survey

In order to learn more about you and the way you learn best, please answer the following questions completely:

      1.     List your favorite artists/bands, t.v. shows, and movies.

      2.       What are your favorite activities to do when you get home from school?

      3.       What type of texts (newspaper, magazine, books, comics, electronic, letters from family/friends, etc.) do you have at home?

      4.      What, if any, type of text do you read on your own?

      5.       What are your favorite and least favorite types of text to read?

       6.       How well do you understand your textbooks? Which subjects do you find most difficult to read?

        7.       How do you learn best ( e.g. listening to the teacher talk, taking notes, group activities, hands on activities, videos, or reading)?

         8.       What is one thing you wish teachers would do more often?

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