Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog Post #5

This semester I have been surprised by my student's literacy. They are able to spell words phonetically, read at various grade levels, and sometimes infer information. They have difficulty with the formation of complex sentences and have not yet formed the habit of proof-reading their work.
My future classroom will be literacy rich in the following ways:

Journal entry September 30, 2013

My students have been in school for a month now and are adjusting to their new schedule and their advanced curriculum. My classroom is literacy rich. It looks like a class of engaged self-possesssed learners who are eager to increase their literacy in English and History. The Students are engaged in hands on small group activities where they utilize Jigsaw reading strategies to educate each other and tackle long complex readings. They are reading primary sources, current events from credible news sources, and selections from their textbook.

Journal entry December 15, 2013

My literacy rich classroom looks like a classroom of students that are fluent in collaborative learning.
My students are engaged in research, carefully selecting their resources, and and forming their own research questions. They are still reading primary sources, current events, and textbook selections, but now they are utilizing the reading strategies they learned independently without reminders or need for guidance. They are writing short essays, outlines of research papers, and summaries of their readings. They are discussing what they have read, sharing analysis of the class topics, and what they would like to learn about the topic we are about to cover.

Journal entry May 30, 2014

My literacy rich classroom looks like a community of curious and collaborative learners.
My students are engaged in research, writing, and discussing the real world issues.
They are capable of independent learning in the following areas, they research using critical thinking to carefully select valid sources, they use reading strategies to use their research time efficiently, and they write concise coherent essays.

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